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Ring for the little finger
1993 - 1993 - Cuyvers Georges
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Coffee spoon
1815 - 1832 - de Bettignies Antoine-Constant
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1780 - 1780 -
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Design drawings

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Measurements and Weights

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Machine tools

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Printed matter

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Case furniture

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Writing instruments

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Coverings and hangings (Tapestry, decoration, ... )

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Seating furniture

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Measuring devices

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Sleeping and reclining furniture

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Heating and cooling equipment

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Religious visual works

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Smoking materials

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Musical instruments

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Medical equipment

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Lighting fixtures

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Ceremonial containers

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Lunden collection

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Men's jewelry

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Flower power

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Our DIVA's

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Movers & shakers

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Everybody loves a good story

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In name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

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Patronage of the King Baudouin Foundation

35 objects

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