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My interior

To visit DIVA is to journey through her 850 m²-house. Discover her interior.

Suikerrui renovaties
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Building my Antwerp home of diamonds

Just as the mythological goddess Aphrodite, the 'most beautiful, the most capricious and the most impatient' Goddess of the Olympus mountain was/is called, we await DIVA: Antwerp Home of Diamonds.

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Six luxurious rooms

A DIVA is a versatile personality with lots of facets. Currently she prepares herself off stage for her on stage performance, once her house is finished.

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My courtyard garden

City, Province and Woonhaven are working together in DIVA’s walled garden to create a green and tranquil oasis.

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My story

Soon, there will be an additional DIVA in Antwerp. Apart from the Cathedral, there will be the DIVA of the Coral Mountain, the highest point of Antwerp.

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My life

DIVA was conceived in 2013 when the Diamond Museum and the Silver Museum closed and the time was deemed right to create a new home for the collections from those two museums.

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My future

DIVA's future looks bright. Or is it flawless white and shiny as you may expect from an exceptional diamond? Whatever it may be, DIVA is ready.