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louisemertens diva
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I'm a DIVA

Just like a diva sparkles on the silver screen, radiates the brilliance of diamond in Antwerp to his environment. That's why the new international diamond experience is called DIVA.

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World figures and diamonds

For centuries, mankind has been fascinated by diamonds, partly because of its symbolism.

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My life

DIVA was conceived in 2013 when the Diamond Museum and the Silver Museum closed and the time was deemed right to create a new home for the collections from those two museums.

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My house

A star or diva surrounds herself with luxury. Adorning DIVA’s house is a superb collection of objects embellished with exotic materials such as shell or coconut. In that setting,...

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My future

DIVA's future looks bright. Or is it flawless white and shiny as you may expect from an exceptional diamond? Whatever it may be, DIVA is ready.