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Symposium: different colours of contemporary silverwork! 

On the occasion off the 19th Silver Triennial DIVA invited some prominent national and international silversmiths to come and talk about their work. With the exhibition of the Silver Triennial we are looking to draw attention to and promote silversmithing today by showcasing new design ideas for hollow- and flatware. Objects like vases, dishes and cutlery illustrate the trends and innovations in silversmithing in terms of concepts, technique and design. Particularly striking in this edition are smaller objects that are both decorative and technically refined. Design takes precedence over function: what appears to be normal utility objects would in practice prove less suited to the purpose. Silver as a material is elevated to an art form. During this symposium, we let craftsmen and -women speak about some of these objects and ideas.  

The program includes Juliane Schölß, winner of the 19th Silver Triennial. She will talk about her winning ensemble of colourful cups. The two Belgian candidates David Huycke and Helena Schepens will both give an artist talk. They will discuss their submissions and go into techniques and concepts used. Naama Haneman will talk about her tactile silverworks and Simone ten Hompel, silversmith and jury member of the 19th Silver Triennial, will talk to Tom Iriks (studio manager DIVA) about striking trends in silversmithing and will discuss some of her key works. A must for contemporary silver and design lovers!


  • 10:30 – registration and coffee
  • 11:00 – artist talk by Naama Haneman
  • 11:45 – artist talk by Helena Schepens
  • 12:30 – lunch
  • 14:00 – artist talk by JulianeSchölß
  • 14:45 – conversation Simone ten Hompel en Tom Iriks
  • 15:30 – break
  • 16:00 – artist talk by David Huycke
  • 16:45 – final remarks
  • 17:00 – reception

Language: English

Tickets: including drinks and sandwiches, museum addmission.

(c) Juliane Schölß Tablett - Auseinandergestellt 2017 Foto Eva Jünger
(c) Juliane Schölß Tablett - Auseinandergestellt 2017 Foto Eva Jünger
(c) Juliane Schölß Tablett - Auseinandergestellt 2017 Foto Eva Jünger
(c) DarkMoon - David Huycke (2019)
Dropar (c) Helena Schepens
(c) Candle holder - Naama Haneman


Juliane Schölß (° 1977, DE - Nuremberg), winner of the first prize of the 19th Silver Triennial for her contribution Tablett mit Gefäßen (2017), an ensemble of colorful cups. Juliane Schölß studied art history at the University of Regensburg and then went to the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, to study gold and silversmithing under the direction of professor Ulla Mayer. Her work is currently represented by Galerie Rosemarie Jäger and can be found in collections as the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Danner Foundation. 

Simone ten Hompel (*1960, DE - Bocholt) was together with goldsmith Maike Dahl and curator Dr. Sabine Runde, a jury member for the 19th Silver Triennale. Simone ten Hompel completed a locksmith and smith apprenticeship between 1975 and 1979, and subsequently attended the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, where she completed her degree as a designer in 1985. She completed her Master studies as a silversmith at the Royal College of Art in London from 1987 through 1989. Simone ten Hompel held a visiting professorship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg in 2012/2013. She has been a lecturer at London Metropolitan University since 2007, and she works in her own studio in London in addition. Her works can be found in numerous collections of European museums and are regularly on show in exhibitions and solo presentations. The artist was distinguished with numerous awards between 1984 and 2018. 

Helena Schepens (*1981, BE - Antwerp) studied silversmithing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and at the Royal College of Art in London. Since 2007 she runs her own workshop in Antwerp. Helena won the Rotary International Award for Silversmithing, the Goldsmith’s Company Award for Silversmithing and The New Designers Award. She became finalist in the Loewe Craft Prize 2017 and was invited by the Loewe Foundation as a jury member in the 2018 edition. As well in 2018, Helena’s work was included in the “Best of Europe” exhibition at Homo Faber in Venice. Her work has been in various exhibitions in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Japan and the USA. She was selected for the 15th, 17th and 19th Silver Triennial and for the European Prize of Applied Arts (BeCraft) in 2015 and 2019. Some of the international art fairs, she took part in, are Collect, Inhorgenta, Ambiente, PAN and Lineart.

Naama Haneman (°1987, GB – London) was awarded the 3rd Lions Club Hanau Youth Promotion Prize for the 19th Silver Triennale. She is a silversmith with over 4 years of diverse experience in design & art. She is a MA graduate with distinction from The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture & Design in London and a 2012 graduate BA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Naama has been exhibiting in contemporary art silversmithing and jewellery exhibitions over the world. She was selected for Talente 2019 and the Goldsmiths’ Fair distinguished graduate's award 2018. Member of Contemporary British Silversmithing.

David Huycke (°1967, BE – Sint-Niklaas) is selected for the 19th Silver Triennale with his object Dark moon (2019). He is a Belgian silversmith and independent artist in the field of the sculptural art-objects. He made a name for himself with his sets of dishes and his innovative approach to the traditional technique of granulation. David Huycke is a scientist and an alchemist casting seemingly impossible moulds and concepts, incurring along the way risks such as breakage or collapse. Eventually those ideas and experiments are selected and elaborated into an object where they exude a degree of stillness and have a natural obviousness, as if the work could not have been made any other way. The work of David Huycke is shown in galleries and museums worldwide and can be seen in permanent collections such as in the Design Museum Gent, the V&A London, the Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, DIVA Antwerp and in many other collections. In 2007 and 2019 he received the Bavarian State Prize for Contemporary Crafts. In 2010 he obtained his Ph.D. in Arts with The Metamorphic Ornament: Re-Thinking Granulation, a practice-based research project on the artistic relevance today of the ancient technique of granulation. David Huycke is professor at the PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt, Belgium and at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at Hasselt University. His work is represented by Galerie Marzee and by Adrian Sassoon Ltd, London.


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