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Group visits to DIVA

Group visits to DIVA, a Brilliant Story

Would you like to discover DIVA, a Brilliant Story with your organization, club, family or friends? You can! And you can do so at your own pace using an audio-guide.   

That’s right! DIVA invites you to explore the museum at your own pace, whether you come here alone or as part of a group. You will be shown round the museum not by a regular guide, but by DIVA's butler Jérome on your audio-guide. So every member of your group will go off and explore the wondrous world of DIVA independently. A unique experience awaits as fictitious stories introduce you to the highlights of the DIVA collection, while interactive devices reveal, for example, what sort of diva you are!

From opening day on May 7th DIVA will operate a system of time slots. Every half hour 40 people will be allowed into the museum. First of all, Jérome will welcome you into DIVA’s Wonder Room, after which you’ll be able to go via the Atelier and explore the other rooms. A visit takes between one and one-and-a-half hours.   

We advise groups to secure tickets in advance. Book your visit and you can be sure that your group will have access to the museum at the time selected.

Group rate

The special rate of 7 euros per person applies for groups of 15 people or more. Smaller groups should book their tickets through the ticket module on the website at the standard rate.


Do you need help filling in the form or would you like to ask a question?   

Our team is happy to help at Alternatively, you can telephone +32 (0)3 338 95 85 Tuesdays through to Saturdays between 10 and 17.00 hrs.

For questions about the content of the museum and collection, you can reach us at

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Practical info & tickets

DIVA is open daily between 10.00 and 18.00, except for Wednesdays.

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Enter the dazzling world of DIVA, a cocoon of luxury and extravagance, filled with diamonds, jewellery and silverware.