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Phillipe Wolfers and Gioconda

Although Philippe Wolfers (°1858 - †1929) had been concentrating on sculpture since 1905, his talent as a designer was once again called upon by Wolfers Fréres to create an ensemble for the 1925 Paris Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratif et Industriels Modernes. He probably began working on the project in 1923 and approached it as a Gesamtkunstwerk which he named Gioconda. The Gioconda ensemble was the first in a long series of Art Deco designs and executions by Wolfers Fréres and its design concept was used by the designers from Wolfers Fréres' ateliers de dessin, even after Philippes death.

Thanks to support from the Flemish Government, the Gioconda design drawings managed by DIVA were registered and made publicly available.