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The engraved blason on the silver toilet mirror is identical to the blason on the memorial of the peeraged Melchior van Susteren (1660-1741), lord of 's Gravenwezel. His son, Gisbertus Franciscus van Susteren (1692-1723) had three children with Helena Maria Roose (1693-1727): Joannes Alexander (1719-1764), Melchior Joseph (1718-1740) and Maria Theresia (1721-1742) van Susteren. Based on the dating, it can be established that the toilet mirror was in all likelihood commissioned by one of these descendants. Joannes Alexander van Susteren was in contact with Lambertus Hannosset, who made on his request in 1758 and 1759 respectively a plaque and a king’s mass for the guild of Saint Sebastian at ’s Gravenwezel. Maria Theresa donated her toiletry set by will to her sister-in-law Régina Theresa du Bois. In the probate inventory at the ‘s Gravenwezel castle, made after Joannes Alexander's death, there is a lot of silver mentioned, including a silver toilet set containing some toilet boxes and brushes and a toilet mirror. Could one of these references refer to this toilet mirror? As of yet, the exact provenance of the toilet mirror is being researched.