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The DNA of collecting - DIVA versus Gilbert

There is considerable overlap between the areas in which Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert chose to collect and the collection held at DIVA in Antwerp - the place in Europe where art and luxury products have converged from all points of the compass since the sixteenth century. For certain pieces from the Gilbert Collection, particularly those of Antwerp or Flemish provenance, the exhibition Masterpieces in Miniature at DIVA feels like a homecoming. The name Hennekin and Heylbrouck may not ring a bell today, but in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries their silverware and engravings were second to none. Had they had the chance, the Gilberts would have gone to great lengths to acquire a number of pieces now in DIVA’s collection, particularly items on display in the Room of Wonders.

Listed below are a number of objects from DIVA’s collection that engage in dialogue with the Gilbert Collection. Click on an object to discover the link between the two objects.

If you would like to admire the objects from the Gilbert Collection in the round, do visit Masterpieces in Miniature: Treasures from the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection. It opens at DIVA on March 5th and runs until August 15th 2021.

We found 5 objects
P:\MUSAE\beelden\stercksh\zilver\bruiklenen\Koning Boudewijnstichting\uilenbeker\B5120101.jpg Read more

Owl cup

1548 - 1549
Coconut, Silver
P:\MUSAE\beelden\stercksh\zilver\2006\S0600501.jpg Read more

Flagon with portrait medaillon of Napoleon Bonaparte

1809 - 1815 - Lecocqmartin Joseph
Silver, Wood
S7513901_0212 Read more

Snuff box

1739-09-30 - 1740-11-29 - Croissant Pierre, Robin Louis
B51209A1 Read more

Snuffbox with miniature portrait of king Leopold II

1850 - 1900
Brilliant, Diamond, Enamel (fused coating) , Glass, Gold, Ivory, Silver, Tempera
S71104_01 Read more

Ring with portrait miniature

1780 - 1820
Diamond, Glass, Gold, Ivory, Silver