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Studio DIVA is an atelier for jewellery and silversmithing at the DIVA museum. The sessions are a combination of theory and practice and designed to recognize the value of our intangible cultural heritage and nurture it. The atelier welcomes both specialists and amateurs. We have a suitable programme for everyone.    

For specialists and professionals we run master-classes in specific traditional and new techniques. For those new to the branch, DIVA offers residency opportunities in the atelier. Future silversmiths and jewellery designers can develop their technical skills and creative talent here.   

Amateurs can follow workshops throughout the year and our summer silversmithing ateliers are a regular part of our offering.

The atelier is also a fascinating place of learning for schools and very young children, introducing them to the chemistry of precious metals in an educational and fun way. Last but not least, visitors to the DIVA museum are always invited to pay a visit to the atelier. 

More information

If you would like to know more about Studio DIVA, if you are interested in a workshop or you would like to organize a project week, a group visit or hire Studio DIVA, please contact or phone us on +32 (0)3 360 52 50.

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