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Workshop forging spoons
creative workshops
25 - 29 August 2021

Seeing a hard and precious material transform into a beautiful and usable object is an almost magical experience… as you can find out for yourself in our workshop on to how to shape a spoon and eventually finish it.

Workshop: Drawing Diamonds
creative workshops
18-19 September / 20-21 November 2021

Introduction workshop to jewellery design gouache painting technique for illustrating diamonds.

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DIVA, a Brilliant Story
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Enter the dazzling world of DIVA, a cocoon of luxury and extravagance, filled with diamonds, jewellery and silverware.

DIVA Deluxe tijdens cultuurweekend
28 en 29 augustus

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DIVA Deluxe op zondag
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Rondleidingen voor individuele bezoekers

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Follow the family trail ...
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DIVA challenges detectives from the age of 7 to follow the family trail!

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Visit to DIVA exclusively for the blind and visually impaired
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