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Raise your Bowl

When a silversmith shapes a silver sheet over an anvil with the force of hammers, we speak of hammering. This technique consists of two contrastive movements: sinking and raising. In the case of sinking, the sheet is struck downwards to create a shallow object such as a dish. In the case of raising, the metal is hammered upwards and inwards. This technique is used to make deeper objects.

You’ll feel like a blacksmith during this workshop. You will learn the basic techniques of forging and be able to work a metal plate yourself until you obtain a bowl. The tools and techniques you’ll use depend on the model you want to make. One thing is certain: you can hammer away at it. Come and get a taste of the delightful craft of forging and soon you'll eat your poké from your own-made bowl.

For whom?

This workshop is suitable for beginners. No previous knowledge is required. 

Language: Dutch/English.

By whom?

Silversmith Annick Tapernoux will teach you the tricks of the trade. She studied at St. Lucas in Antwerp and at The Royal College of Art in London. In 2006, Annick realised the Sterckhof commission for the former Silver Museum. Her set L'Atlantide (S2007/1) perfectly materialises her ideas about art. Each of these five fragile bowls are hammered out of one silver plate. Annick considers the technique of hammering a dialogue between the matter and the silversmith. Silver enchants her and she lets this material lead her.

View her work on instagram @annicktapernoux.


Set "L'Atlantide" by Annick Tapernoux - Photo by Vincent Everarts


The workshop will last for three days: Wednesday 6 July to Friday 8 July 2022. Each time from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.


DIVA Atelier, Kaasstraat 7, 2000 Antwerpen.


€280 for three days. Price includes a copper plate of 10 x 10 cm. Would you rather work in silver? Then bring your own silver plate.

Coffee, tea and water are included. Lunch will be provided by the participants themselves, but can be enjoyed together in the Atelier, which is equipped with a kitchen and refrigerator.

More info?

You can request this from Tom Iriks: or +32 (0)3 360 52 52.


Photo atelier DIVA


The workshop will accommodate a maximum of six participants. The organiser reserves the right to cancel a workshop in case of insufficient (paying) enrolments or force majeure. In this case the full amount will be refunded.

Do you need to cancel your workshop yourself? Up to two weeks (14 days) before the workshop starts, you will pay a €50 administration fee. If you cancel less than two weeks beforehand, you will have to pay the full amount. You can always suggest a substitute to take your spot.

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DIVA, Suikerrui 17-19

Antwerpen - BE - 2000

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