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DIVA Residents: Opening & DIVA talk

DIVA annually invites four silver and goldsmiths for a residency in the museum's atelier. Here, residents are given time, space and support for research and experimentation within their field.

DIVA selected jewellery designers Naama Bergman and Charlotte Van de Velde for the second residency period in 2022. During the DIVA talk, they will tell more about their research and work. Moreover, they will present some of the results of the residency in the reading room.


Through her jewellery and vessels, Naama Bergman explores the concept of ​​change. Origin, growth, decay and the tension between cultural heritage, physical matter and time are central. By combining contradictory materials such as salt and iron, she questions the essence of creation and the power of transformation. She seeks a confrontation between preservation and decay while raising questions about the hegemony, function and changeability of forms.

Charlotte Van de Velde's work starts with collecting existing jewellery that she uses as a material and a source of inspiration. They are mainly everyday jewellery of inferior quality, made from counterfeit materials, worn or out of fashion. She selects pieces that, despite their modesty, still have qualities or have something endearing just because of their flaws. Her collection is the starting point for creating new jewellery through subtle transformations and assemblages. She compensates for the lack of material value of the found pieces by adding poetic value.

When and where?

  • DIVA talk
    • Thursday 17 November 2022 from 7.30 pm to 9 pm - doors open at 7 PM
    • Free entry – reservation is recommended via the webshop as places are limited
  • Expo:
    • Expo open from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 November from 2 pm to 6 pm
    • Free entry

Were you unable to book in time? Don't worry, you can always get a ticket on the evening itself.


Library reading room - entrance via Kaasstraat 13



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