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Singing is gold: karaoke night with DIVA hits

Welcome to our sparkling karaoke and bingo night, where music and excitement come together for an unforgettable evening! Be ready to shine as you immerse yourself in a world of gold, silver and diamonds. It's all about songs that sparkle with the sheen of precious metals and gems. From classics to modern hits, every song you sing shines with the splendour of gold, silver or diamonds. It promises to be an enchanting journey through the musical treasures that sing of these precious elements.

But that's not all! We will add an exciting twist to the evening with a super-fast DIVA bingo. When you hear something that matches one of the boxes on your card, tick it and get ready to shout bingo! 

- Continuous from 19.30 to 00.30.

Speed date with a masterpiece

Want to get to know several masterpieces from the collection better in one evening? This is possible with a speed date from DIVA. Young or old, everyone is welcome to come speed dating! During such a 10-minute date, you will discover all the interesting features of a masterpiece. Especially for Museum Night, our guides selected three objects. One in silver, one with diamonds and one jewel.   

- Speed dating is possible every half hour starting from 19.30, last one at 23.30.

Demonstration: diamond cutting

Always wanted to see a real diamond cutter at work? You can! During Museum Night, DIVA's cutting table will be in full operation. Diamond cutter Sylvester De Witte will show you how the cutting table works, which instruments he uses and what to look out for.  All questions can be put directly to the master polisher himself. 

- Continuous from 19.30 to 00.30.

Hammer along on the Common Bowl

The Common Bowl forms the final piece of DIVA's Museum Night. Under the guidance of silversmith Dries Dockx, you will have the chance to help hammer on a silver bowl and thus contribute to the realisation of this common work of art. 
What the bowl will look like is not fixed. The work grows organically from the interaction of all those who hammer along. Each hammer blow shapes and deforms the silver into a visual expression of connection. 

After Museum Night, the bowl will be on display at the museum for another month. Stop by to hammer along or watch and experience silversmithing first-hand.  

- Continuous from 19.30 to 00.30.