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DIVA residents 2023: Andreea Raluca Cojocaru and Triin Kukk tell

DIVA selected jewellery designers Andreea Raluca Cojocaru and Triin Kukk for the first residency period in 2023. During their DIVA talk, they will tell more about their research and work. - The DIVA talk will be in English.

Moreover, they will present some of the results of their residency in the reading room.



Andreea Raluca Cojocaru (b. 1994, Romania) is a jewellery designer who has gained recognition for her work that explores the importance of craftsmanship and fair compensation for labour. During her studies, Andreea developed a body of work that focuses on the conditions in which products are manufactured. Her work "Made in Belgium by a Romanian" highlights the role of the maker in the production process.

During her residency at the DIVA museum, Andreea will use the time to further map different "signs of labour". Her aim is to further develop this project from a political, economic and social point of view, questioning the value of human labour through the dialogue between new and traditional techniques. The result promises to be work that challenges traditional notions of value and emphasises the importance of craftsmanship.

Triin Kukk (b. 1990, Estonia) is a talented jewellery designer who will explore the use of minerals in combination with different metals during her residency at the DIVA museum. Her goal is to create a series of unique pieces that showcase her skill and creativity. Triin is known for her keen eye for aesthetics and her meticulous attention to detail. Over the years, Triin has collected remnants of stone and minerals from previous work she has made. During her residency, she will incorporate these remnants into a new series.


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