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The international diamond story

To enter DIVA is to enter the enchanting world of diamonds, silver and silversmithing. On the symbolic location which has been home to silversmiths, jewellers and diamond dealers since the sixteenth century, you experience the international diamond story of the past, today and tomorrow.

Pioneering craftsmanship and creativity come into their own. DIVA sets great store by both high-tech expertise and innovative regional talent.

DIVA is also the reference point for diamonds, jewellery and silversmithing. It is a vibrant, interactive knowledge centre where the creative industry finds the inspiration that will ensure that Antwerp retains its prominent position on the world map.   

Experience the world of DIVA

Antwerp and diamonds are inextricably linked, which is why DIVA is providing an unforgettable experience of the enthralling world of diamonds. Thanks to the cooperation with the entertainment sector, visitors - irrespective of age -are automatically drawn into the remarkable story. The many experiences with wide audience appeal in store at DIVA include high-quality special exhibitions which approach DIVA’s core story about Antwerp, diamond centre of the world, from a wider perspective.

DIVA’s other attractions include the inner courtyard, a verdant meeting-place for the neighbourhood and a venue for fringe events and the occasional pop-up bar.  

The knowledge centre is DIVA’s engine room, providing a national and international network which links her to researchers, universities and associated institutions. This is where the foundations are laid for the authentic story told at DIVA. The knowledge centre makes DIVA the authority in Flanders and the Benelux on diamonds, jewellery and silversmithing.    

DIVA also plays a role in today’s creative economy. DIVA is a commercial platform for budding designers, providing them with a springboard to the professional world. DIVA works with the educational field, gallery owners and independent jewellers to establish the basis for a flourishing contemporary sector. The DIVA Academy with workshop is the ideal space for future silversmiths and jewellery designers to hone their technical skills, both traditional and new.   



DIVA, represented by AG Culturele Instellingen Antwerpen/Erfgoed
Grote Markt 1
2000 Antwerpen
Registered number: 0738.733.786

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