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Splendor in Antwerp during 1923

Master's student of History Pipa Tyssen and DIVA employee An Labis briefly bring the Jewellery Procession ("De Juweelenstoet") from 1923 back to life on the basis of publications and a film recording.

One hundred years ago - on 12, 15 and 19 August 1923 - 15 floats, 66 groups and 2000 extras passed through the city! Antwerp celebrated the revival of the diamond industry after the war years with this 2.5 kilometer long 'Jewellery Procession'. No expense was spared. Spread over three days, at least one and a half million people would have witnessed the spectacle. With this procession, the diamond sector put the city of Antwerp back on the map as the diamond centre of the world.



Pipa Tyssen is a master student in History at the University of Antwerp. As part of an internship, Pipa, commissioned by the DIVA museum, researched the available sources about "De Juweelenstoet" and framed them in a broader marketing story of the diamond sector in 1923. In this DIVA talk, Pipa explains his research on the basis of the nicest and spiciest anecdotes and we show special images and film material of the procession.

An Labis was a librarian at DIVA for more than thirteen years. An explains the publications about "De Juweelenstoet" from 1923 that are presented in the reading room at that time. She also briefly explains the Special Collections of the library, of which these publications are a part.



  • 11.00: welcome by moderator Tom Iriks

  • 11.05: conversation with Pipa Tyssen

  • 11.30: conversation with An Labis

  • 11.45: questions from the audience

  • 12.00 to 13.00: reception DIVA atelier and courtyard