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Pomp and circumstance in Antwerp

One hundred years ago, the Jewels Pageant ("De Juweelenstoet") took place in Antwerp. The procession was organised by the diamond sector itself to emphasise Antwerp's important role as the diamond capital of the world. It was a great spectacle with 15 floats, 2000 extras, a lot of exotic animals and a wealth of expensive jewellery. More than 1 million people travelled to the city to watch the procession. Even the royal family came to watch.

From 3 August to 26 November you can experience the atmosphere of this 3-day jewellery procession from 1923. Using (large) images of floats, videos of the crowds on the Grote Markt, original programme and commemorative booklets, and newspaper articles, you will discover why this procession is unforgettable in Antwerp's history. And you will also find out what bloopers happened back then.