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Grand opening May 5th-6th 2018

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Diamond museum with a heart beating for silversmithing

From May 7th 2018 you’ll be able to enter the dazzling world of DIVA, a cocoon of luxury and extravagance, filled with diamonds, jewellery and silverware. DIVA, the new star in Antwerp, and her butler Jérome will take you on a journey through Antwerp’s diamond story. Outstanding workmanship, fascinating anecdotes, intense emotions and impressive sets await you in this brilliant museum

In the meantime, make sure to visit our reception desk and museum shop!

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Visit us during Winter in Antwerp

Antwerp in winter. There are few more atmospheric places to be during the festive period. And it’s no coincidence that this year the theme of the annual Winter in Antwerp event is diamonds. Our DIVA is looking forward to the many activities planned for between December 9th and January 8th, including within the walls of the Suikerrui.

DIVA’s desk and museum shop will be open every day from 11 to 19.00 hrs and on Fridays and Saturdays until 21.00 hrs.


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