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DIVA atelier for artists in residence  

DIVA atelier is arranged in such a way that residents can work independently and try out different techniques. Residents have free access to the atelier every day from 8 to 21.00 hrs.      

The ca. 160-m² atelier consists of four interconnected spaces. The first of these is the acid chamber, equipped with an acid table, a fume cupboard, storage for chemicals and a workbench. This space is used for (among other things) frosting, galvanising, anodising, polishing and patinising workpieces.  

The second space is designed for use as a goldsmith’s workshop. There is a large workbench and you will find a range of equipment, including a drawing bench, rolling and polishing machines and a cupboard where small tools for jewellery-making are kept. A wide range of technical manuals is available for consultation in the reference library. 

Next you come to the forging area, where you will find workbenches for forging, heavy-duty bench vices, tree-trunks, a selection of stakes and hammers and a furnace with several burners. This space also contains foundry and vulcanising device, a wax injector and all the requisites for lost wax casting.

Apart from casting, forging, soldering, spinning and pressing, in the studio you can also do chiselling, enamelling, niello, fold forming, Mokume Gane, etc.  

The last space is set aside for residents to meet and exchange experiences.

Past artists in residence

Past DIVA talks